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Battle to grow your Cucumber in an action-filled card game of strategy, betrayal, and chaotic climaxes!

Cucumber Sandwich engages players in a frantic battle to grow their Cucumber Card to 12 inches first to win the round.

However, beware...players will be waiting to Fondle you senseless at every opportunity, not to mention the impact of a Shrivel or the disappointment of a Dickochet!

Cucumber Sandwich is for 2-4 players and additional decks allow up to another 4 players to join in the frolics.

Cucumber Sandwich, taking over the world 1 inch at a time!


Available Rewards:

£20GBP + Shipping

Cucumber Sandwich

  • x1 copy of Cucumber Sandwich.
  • Limited Kickstarter Edition. Includes 12 card Cucumber Christmas expansion and the 3 card Scatologist Collection.

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